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I am really grateful I discovered face yoga and Evelina was definitely the right teacher! I loved how she explained everything about my face and why I should do my workouts the way she suggested. She always checked my form and made sure I do every exercise correctly. I am very happy with the results - after a few weeks my face started to get more shaped and toned and the skin has got a natural glow. Once you see and feel the difference you don’t want to miss those face yoga sessions!"

— Milda from Germany

I heard about Evelina (face yoga teacher) from my “regular yoga teacher “. I googled “facial yoga”, and found out that is “the new beauty trend” especially in America to release the muscles of the face and look beautiful.

However, my first motivation to get in contact with Evelina was that I suffer from a strong migraine and it was coming mainly from the muscles of my jaw. Releasing the face muscles then sounds great to me ! I’ve met Evelina, she gave me private facial yoga sessions in my house which was convenient. The first sessions were about getting used to new poses for the face. It was all new to me. Some poses were hard to do… I directly felt emotions releasing by doing those poses. Evelina explained that the face also keeps memory of the trauma/experience. It was really powerful. Evelina was despite her young age (It can surprise some people!) a wise and competent teacher. She is very intuitive and I felt free to be myself by her side and I was really impressed by all her knowledge. I quickly mastered the exercises and some people told me that I looked very relaxed. I now do every morning 5 minutes of exercise that I mix depending on my mood. Evelina also explained to me how to breathe correctly with my belly when I do the poses; as I was not doing it right. Our private sessions became life coaching. She adapted to my needs. I remember the day I was struggling personally in my life about a huge trigger, and I was sure I would get the answer to my questions later. Evelina showed up to me with the same topic I needed to work on. We are really connected, and she adapts to my state of mind. She is always flexible to have a conversation with coaching on different life topics as she can share good advices, or share more facial yoga poses. She helped me so much with being in my heart, being conscious and to learn about the different women and men depending on the time of the month. She helped me so much to understand better our connection to another and how different we can be and that is all normal! The last point we’ve studied was how to transform and as human beings, how important it is to get out of our comfort zone or then we don’t evolve. I also learn the magic of acceptance in life then it opens up.

I wish you to have with Evelina such a great and powerful experience as I did. You will not be the same anymore after crossing her way! Go for it, you won’t regret it! Shall I have the possibility; I will still do a photo shooting with her. I am learning from her to be more in my heart and therefore feminine. She is so powerful and beautiful!

Thank you Evelina for helping me to be in harmony with my beloved, and to talk with a soft heart! It feels good to love myself and that I could not have done it without learning to come to my heart as I was too much in my head."

— Sophie Hülsberg from Fuerteventura

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