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classes for women

Everything is connected, if you just dare to see it. – Evelina Donko

We will talk about THREE GOLDEN CYCLES:

  • The biorhythmic cycle of nature – yearly cycle

  • A woman's monthly cycle

  • Meridian flow cycle - daily cycle

When you truly understand how and when these cycles are affecting you. You are in a symbiotic relationship with nature. When you are working with her, she will support you. When against her, you will unnecessarily exhaust yourself, because there is no way to bribe nature. We have become so disconnected from nature, that we do not see the gifts that nature has for us, especially energetically.

A moon needs 27,322 days to go around the Earth. You, too, need 28 day to complete your menstrual cycle. (For some women it is less, for others more, depending on a lot of things). Each day you are different. Because of that, in TFY there are 28 exercises for each day of your menstrual cycle. To support your body, hormones, emotions and also to make most of each day. By doing so, you multiply what you do good for yourself.


Everything is adapted to you and your needs.

How many times a week or a month? How many hours? How long will you put effort in face yoga? What is your goal? Would you do it daily or do you just want to try it?

First I will teach you exercises that are most needed for your face. I will make sure that you are doing exercises in the right way and I am here for you to answer any question that might appear. With these exercises you could start your daily practice. If you wish I can also create your own personal plan depending on your needs, wishes and available time. Later, if you want to go deeper. I am here to hold you a safe space.

Your investment: 55 € / hour                    

                       90 € / month                    5x ABO - 250 €
                       150 € / 2-months             10x ABO - 450 €



"Every face has a story."
This is the art of reading faces. It was practised in China more than 3000 years ago and is still used today. It can help you in self-discovery and  With studying your own face you can identify your true nature, all the inborn gifts, challenges and much more.

"The face is a mirror that records your past, reflects your present, and forecasts your future."

One-time investment: 111 €



Private Facebook group page + like-minded women + doing what we like once a week + supporting one another + together seeing results = priceless

30 €/monthly subscription


in person

Your wish is my command. (;
I am available on some locations:

  • Singen and Bodensee area, Germany

  • Schaffhausem / Winterthur, Switzerland

  • Slovenia

Please, make reservation as soon as possible.

What time works for you?

Thanks for booking!

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