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About program NotJustFaceYoga

What is face yoga?

Face yoga is a series of facial exercises and massages, where you intentionally isolate your face muscles.

Just as our body needs muscle training, if we want to achieve any results, so do our facial muscles.


What is then Tao face yoga?

Tao face yoga goes deeper.

What is difference between Tao face yoga and Face yoga?

What are benefits of Tao face yoga?

Why are there "only" 28 exercises in Tao Face Yoga?

For who is Tao face yoga?

How long before I can see a results?

For how long it is recomended to practice ?

Can I do Tao face yoga if I wear contact lenses?

Can I practice if a have a botox or fillers?

About program NotJustFaceYoga

Why the name NotJustFaceYoga?
Why your program has 3 different levels?

Is this program from men as well?