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About Tao Face Yoga

1. What is face yoga?

Face yoga is a series of facial exercises and massages, where you intentionally isolate your face muscles and stimulate your skin and lymphatic system.

2. What is then Tao Face Yoga?

Tao Face Yoga is a system of exercises for men and women by Savina Atai & Mantak Chia. It is based in Traditional Chinese medicine and Taoism. It goes deeper into understanding our face and wrinkles.

Just as our body needs muscle training if we want to achieve any results, so do our facial muscles. In TFY we put great emphasis on establishing resistance and counter-resistance on all facial muscles. When a muscle exercise, it becomes firmer. When has something to work against, it becomes stronger.

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3. What is difference between Tao Face Yoga and face yoga?

In Tao face yoga we give great importance to proper breathing, training pelvic floor muscles and deeper understanding of expressions - how they change our face and connection between face and body. It also go beyond just the beauty aspect. However, if you want to work only on that, it is not problem at all.

4. For who is Tao Face Yoga?

Everybody. Kids, teenagers, adults and young at heart.

5. What is a difference between practice of Tao Face Yoga for women and men?

For women, there is 28 exercises that are correlated to our menstrual cycle and with moon phases for women in second spring (menopause).

For men, there are 17 exercises that help with strength, focus, sharp mind and great libido.

6. Why are there "only" 28 exercises in TFY?

Are you sometimes lost of knowing too much exercises and in the end, ending with doing none? Well each exercise, it is in TFY for a reason. It supports not only your wrinkles, but your whole body at the right moment and in the right way.

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7. How long is recommended to practice?

As much as you want or depend on how quickly you want to see effects. Minimum 10 minutes a day. This is at least a warm up exercise and repeating 3 times exercise of the day.

8. How long before I can see a results on my face?

Depend on a lot of things. For example, your age, genes, the state of your muscles etc. Normally first results can be seen in two weeks by just doing face yoga daily for 10 minutes.

Also improvements in neck pain can be first noticeable within a month, but only by doing exercises in a right way.

Before Tao Face Yoga practice

1. Can I do Tao Face yoga while wearing contact lenses?

Yes, it is safe to do it. Nevertheless if you notice any discomfort then listen to yourself.

2. Can I practice if I have a beauty procedure?

Right after your procedure no. Only when everything is healed. Exactly when I cannot tell you for sure, as we are all different. However, after everything is properly healed I would recommend you to start with exercises. It is very important for you to get in the habit of exercising your muscles instead of immobilizing them. Yet, in the end, it is totally up to you. (;

3. What I need to bring on our session?

  • do not wear turtle-neck sweater or shirt with a high collar.

  • a bottle of water

If you have any other question do not hesitate to ask. I will be more than happy to answer it.

Hope to see you, Evelina

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