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My love for photography started when I was a teenager, but the reason I never learned a lot and put energy in this field was because I am a model.

Mixing those two was for me no go. Probably because of that I started my blog Evelinamalina (only in Slovenian) at age 18 To share my thoughts and photos.

Behind the camera, I am calm and creative. But I really opened myself to photography when I moved to Fuerteventura. I became more inspired and more confident walking around with a camera. When beaches and nature became boring I need more. I need beauty, architecture, interior, decor and people. So I start building my portfolio and having more fashion oriented photo sessions.

The real fun for me was always Photoshop and Lightroom. I started creating banners, avatars in my early teenage years. Then I learn more in high school and on my own. Now I am still learning.

Playing-With Light_022019_002.jpg

Selfportrait, 2018

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