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Tao Face yoga


"Tao Face Yoga by Savina Atai & Mantak Chia" is a system of exercises that rejuvenate the face, activate the glands in the head and train with all 57 facial muscles.

This technique is based on establishing resistance and counter-resistance in all facial muscles. When you do that, volume is created, gravity stops and wrinkles start to smooth out.

Some benefits of Tao Face Yoga:

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Tones facial muscles, therefore reduce wrinkles

  • It gives you focus, stability, strength, clarity

  • Improves you self worth

  • Helps with hormonal balance and stress management, thyroid problems, chronic neck pain, ...

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Dealing with chronic pain in my neck for more than 10 years. I was trying to find something that will help me with the pain and improve the quality of my life. With yoga and meditation, I saw improvements but the major breakthrough came when I started practicing Tao Face Yoga.

Why are Tao Face Yoga exercises helping me with chronic neck pain ?

  • Warms you up but do not exhaust you

  • Training of cranial muscles (temporalis, occipitalis and frontalis).

  • Improvement of blood circulation

  • Exercises that help me concentrate easily on proper breathing

  • Being aware and present

  • Normalises lymphatic flow in head, brain and neck

  • Calms the mind

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