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Thank you for stopping by. Here on this page you can read a bit about myself and my website that you came across. I hope that you find what you were looking for and if you think that you didn't, look again. (;

"Nothing is a coincidence, not even you being here."

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part of my Story

My name was given to me by my mother. Surname, by my father. The eyes are "given" by my late grandmother from my father's side and my hair are by my grandmother from my mother's side and... my face is telling a story like all yours does. The story of ups and downs, of happiness and sadness, love and hurt and of some funny questions that I was asked throughout my life.

First one of those types of questions was when I was a child, around 7 years old, and my grandmother asked me: "Evelina, what do you want to become when you grow up?"

Down to earth I respond: "I do not know." Given the age, you would expect some dreamy response from a child. However, I was never dreaming of becoming a singer, a dancer, an actress or a doctor, not even a model. I remember that for me this was kind of a funny question. Yet the next one was even more interesting...

"Evelina, do you want to have kids when you grow up?"

"No! And I do not want a husband either," I responded quite sure of myself.

My married grandmother laughed at my response but was still kind of surprised by my answer.

Now that these questions are more suitable to ask myself. I kind of admire my pure mini me to be so bold and sure of herself, where others were just following society and their norms... And some still do.

The hardest and the most ridiculous question for me now is "who am I?"

Who am I? Who... am... I? The question that I never knew how to answer. I could tell you what roles I have in this world or what I achieved or what I have become, but is this really what defines me? Is this really who I am? I do not feel it like that. Hopefully I am transforming and becoming more and more and then less and less. But one thing is unchangeable -  I am a human with an old soul in a woman's body. This is who I am. Each day I want to become a better human. To fulfil that, the first and foremost is to know myself, to better myself, then to know people around me and to help those who want to be helped. In the meanwhile to take care of our planet and creatures on it. I think that is the purpose of us all.

So, is this story my own or we all share it?

story of "why tao face yoga?"

Already in primary school, I first noticed some unusual feelings in my neck, but as a child I did not really put any attention to it. I didn't even think that there was something wrong for a long time. I have some flashes here and there that put awareness into my body and even people telling me that something is not good with my back and shoulders. But as a teenager, I did not really know what it is, how to deal with it and honestly I quickly forget about it.

I could say that I have quite high pain tolerance. So even when I started to have a horrible headache, I thought that this was normal. Now, remembering it, I am pretty sure that this pain was not normal at all. Something was for sure off in my neck, even painful, but I did not pay any attention, let alone told anyone.
Years passed by, and at the age 20, I moved to Fuerteventura, on beautiful Canary island. New place, language, people, no family, no friends, no work, new partner and a lot of stress. More and more, I started to feel pain in my neck and more discomfort. Now, I could not ignore the pain any more. It was there... Slowly I noticed that is not only here and there, but it is present all the time. The pain in my neck never disappear. Sometimes the pain was bearably, so I just tried to erased it from my mind, that I could do the basic thing and live "normally". Sometimes  I become moody and I was not feeling good. At times, I didn't even know at first why. Then I started to scan my being and of course neck pain. But sometimes was unbearable. This happen when the neck pain and headache connected and I could not leave bed or go to the work, I cried and could not function normally. At 22 I was feeling hopeless and just thinking about dealing with this kind of pain later on... I was scared. Even though, I am writing in the past. I still have pain, mostly the one that is for me kind of normal already.
You can believe me, that I went to a lot of doctors and tried many things. They did not know what it is and I still do not know. But the only thing I know is, that now I have a tool that is helping me so much. When I am doing Tao face yoga exercises, I can feel my neck relaxing and pain slowly disappearing.

I still remember vividly, when was the first time I noticed no pain in my neck after doing a hour of Tao face yoga. I should tell you the story once. For now I can tell you that I was crying from pure happiness and relief. It was the first time after 10 years and more that I didn't feel pain at all.

I started doing Tao Face Yoga out of curiosity. I never thought that "some" face exercises will help me with my problem. Never! That's the reason why I am teaching it now. If Tao face yoga is helping me, why not others who have similar problem?

If you know someone who has neck pain or even chronic neck pain like me, please share this page with them. Let's help each other.

What you can find here?

This is website about what I do and what I can offer you at the moment. It is place where all main informations will be presented. Here you can book for any kind of sessions and get more information of what is going on.

Main part of my website is about Tao Face Yoga. This is a tool that will always be a part of my life as I see and experience its benefits on myself and my clients in so many ways. It is a safe exercise and it take so little time out of our busy lives.

The other part is about my creative side. Even though I never dreamed of becoming one. I kind of work here and there as a model. It started in early teenage years and I still do some model work occasionally. I love to be creative and expresses myself in many ways through photography.


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